This project is a submission of Mehrdad Damghani and Mohammad Abu-Shaaban

The HMCS Gauss-Ohm

The world's most efficient all-electric Canadian Ship

Last Edit:
15 November 2019

Project Mandate and Specs

Design the electric power system for a ship of about 50 meters long, 7 meters wide, 4 meters deep, 3 meters draft design, and it has a cargo capacity of 1000 tons. The powertrain should be equipped with electric propellers and a mix of supercapacitors and battery pack. The powertrain reportedly should enable a range of at least 100 km on a single charge.

1. High capacity batteries to design

2. Marine Wind Turbines

3. Investigation of the power electronics on board

4. Battery pack recharging

5. Electric propellers

High Capacity Batteries

The high quality and long life batteries from Furukawa Battery can be supplied either as part of an integrated marine or ship renewable energy solution or supplied as stand-alone battery packs (with cables) or individual units.

UB-50-12 valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries or battery packs are the ideal solution for smart grid, wind power and solar power applications and can be used on ships. UB-50-12 batteries can be supplied as individual units or as a pack for use with EMP solar power solution. Marine grade battery frame kits are available in 2.4kWh 3.6kWh sets or customised frames can be supplied as requested. In conjunction with a wind powered generator, both the the battery and the generator can work on conjunction to power the boat. Please see Block diagram for details.

Marine Wind Turbines

Rutland 504 Marine Wind Turbine 80W simply convert the free and abundant power in the wind to power stored in your batteries. The 12V power is ready to use for engine starting, lights, coolers, essential navigation equipment and other low energy appliances.

Recharge Proposal

The use of solar panels over the highest surfaces of the boat to avoid shade as best as possible. The solar panels are to be connected in parallel to make sure the lead-acid battery pack is still charging regardless of lack of sunlight on other panels.

Solar Panel Type and Specs:

System Array Size (STC) Daily Watt Hours Panels
400w Solarland RV Kit 400 W 2000 Wh 4 Solarland SLP100-12U Silver Poly 12 Volt Solar Panels

Electric Propellers

• Motor Type: 2 x Elco Electric Motor - EP-10000
• Propeller Type: 2 x 1400 mm diameter fixed pitch
Motor Specifications:

Category Performance Spec
Horsepower Diesel Equivalence 100 hp
Kilowatts at Full battery power 42.5 kW
Maximum Amps 295 amps
Battery Voltage DC (Min. Req.) 144 vdc
Batteries (min. Req.) 12
Battery AGM Amp/Hours 220-480
Battery Charger (number of Cells and size) 8 @ 80 amps
Generator size AC or DC for continuous cruising at 75% throttle 15 to 25 kW
RPM Setting at Full throttle 1500 RPM