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17 September 2019

Academic Projects and Life Work

This section is focused on providing details on various academic accomplishements
Each project is linked to an image, a date of completion and the skills required
For further details on each item listed, feel free to email me at:

BASc Mechanical Engineering and Computation Technology

BSc Human Kinetics with Specialization in Kinesiology (French Immersion Stream)

April 2019

The Exo-Suit
Mobility Assistance Device for Seniors

This was a project involved with the MCG2101 design course at the University. It was centered around providing a mechanical feasible product for a proposed problem. In this case, the mandate was to provide a mechatronic device that would assist seniors with mobility and prolonged stance. Click below to download the project report.

December 2018

Mobile Controlled Chariot

Used an Arduino UNO to power two DC motors across a motorshield. Developped an App using the MIT App creator to control the device through a bluetooth module attached to the Arduino. Click the "More Details" for a breakdown of its components.

January 2017

Laminar Flow Program (C++)

The first main objective of this project is to calculate the friction factor within a conduit using numerical methods that are derived from the Colebrook equation. The second goal is to determine and analyze how the friction factor within a conduit varies when the diameter of the conduit is changed. Therefore, a written program, which can compute the friction factor with varying input commands (density, viscosity, flow rate, roughness, initial conduit diameter and final conduit diameter), was developed to manually compute friction factor values with a predetermined set of diameter changes within the selected interval. Additionally, pre-set cases were prepared within the program to load automatic responses without direct manual input by the user.

April 2018

Flood Support
Royal Canadian Navy

During the Ottawa/Gatineau flood crisis of spring 2019, I was brought on as a general duties member of the Navy to provide support. This was brought to me immediately following the second module of my recruits training. Without much training in my field of logisitics, I took on a support role at the unit. We had approximately 70 military members living at HMCS Carleton as part of their accomodations package. With this, I took the initiative of rounding up all of the contracted untrained recruits and developped an 18 hour support schedule to ensure that all assisting members out on the field would be well rested for outgoing missions. I worked closely with LCdr Morris to ensure that the logistical needs of the mission were met. You can find an example of the scedule I produced for the untrained recruits during this period under "Details" button.

August 2019

LOCC Top Candidate

The LOCC is the Logistics Officer Common Course where the basics of logisitics in the military are taught. This is the first of 4 modules which lead to a trade qualified Logisitics Officer within the Royal Canadian Navy. The materials taught in the course vary from the basics of financial accounting to procurement supply chains within the Canadian Armed Forces.